Wireless Environmental Monitoring from NVSI

EnviroPoint powered by accsense

Product Description

EnviroPoint is an environmental monitoring system that can collect, store and communicate sensor data using a secure wireless connection. The EnviroPoint can be installed in multiple locations with data centralisation via NVSIs EnviroPoint monitoring software. Hosted on a Windows PC, this handles tasks such as logging all sensor data, generating reports, graphing sensor data, and messaging in the event of an alarm condition.

The next generation EnviroPoint system adds new and exciting capabilities including flash data storage, on-board time-stamping, backup battery, external sensor bus, web cam interface, PC data acquisition, and advanced wireless mesh networking capabilities. The wireless gateway uses conventional 10BaseT/100BaseT Ethernet to allow data storage and monitoring from anywhere there is a network connection. Web panels allow remote viewing from just about anywhere via the Internet.

EnviroPoint Sensor Pods and Gateway by Accsense



     Accurate high accuracy sensors. Centralised calibration system.

    Compact - integrated sensors for temperature, relative humidity, ambient light, sound and vibration.

    Configurable user can set alarm conditions that initiate email messages. Network configuration with dynamic and static IP option. Numerous sensor configuration possibilities.

    Reliable low power with backup battery, time-stamping and on-board data storage ensures data isnt missed during power outages when environmental conditions often fluctuate. Wireless mesh networking improves reliability and allows distances up to 1,200m.

    Flexible additional sensor pods can be added while the system is running. Remote panel allows access to the monitoring computer via the Internet. Sensor pods can be

relocated without costly cabling.
Supports EnviroMon 2 Ethernet modules.

    Expandable external sensor bus allows additional sensors to be connected to some modules. General purpose inputs for additional signal logging. Web cam interface can record images at programmable intervals. Supports National Instruments PC data acquisition cards enabling virtually endless possibilities for high accuracy, high bandwidth and high count traceable measurements and logging.

    Secure all data can be saved on a PC and can also be saved to a network server. Uses standard IEEE802.15.4 low power wireless network standard. All security operations are based on ultra-secure AES encryption using 128 bit keys.

    Safe low voltage and power consumption.

        Low cost solution integrated sensors lower measurement cost and minimise installation requirements.



     Storage area monitoring (Food)

     Home/Office/Building monitoring

     Factory and warehouse monitoring

      Agricultural data collection

      Biological and environmental research

      Asset, archive and display protection and monitoring (Museum)


Measurement Specifications

Ambient: Temperature & Relative Humidity Sensors

        Temperature -40 to 70C ( 0.3C accuracy @ 25C 1.4% Full Scale, Resolution 0.01C)

        Humidity (Range 5% to 95% RH, Accuracy @ 25C 2%, 3% Full Scale, Resolution 0.03%)

Optical: Visible Light Detection

        Ambient Lighting (Resolution 0. 1%)

        Acoustic Level (Resolution 0.1%)

        Vibration (3-axis average, Max 3G Offset Error 10%, Sensitivity Error 10%, Resolution 0.006G)

Analog Sensor Expansion Bus: (0 to 20mA and 0 to 5V input 0.29% accuracy @ 25C)

        Pressure measurements

        Noise level measurements

        pH Sensors

        UV light

        Other sensors

Sample Rates: 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s, 60s (Configured for each channel depending on the number of pods per gateway)

EnviroPoint Sensor Pod by Accsense

EnviroPoint Gateway Pod by Accsense


The Wireless Network

The Wireless Solution network is based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, unlike WiFi routers that are based on IEEE 802.11. The radio, which uses a 2.4 GHz ISM band, has 16 channels but utilizes the quietest channel based on a scan.

Because the Gateway communicates with up to sixteen Sensor Pods via radio frequency transceivers, it is important that the Gateway be located within range of at least one Sensor Pod. The Gateway and Sensor Pod(s) form a mesh network which enables each Sensor Pod to function as a repeater for others. Pods can relay messages with a maximum transmit range of 80 meters with the 2.2db gain antennas and 300 meters with the 9db gain antennas between two Pods or the Gateway. This distance may be shorter in places such as indoors or in an area with lots of radio noise.

Maximum operating range between the Gateway and/or Sensor Pods is approximately 80 meters with the 2.2db gain antenna.]

Optional Remote 3G Link


The EnviroPoint Monitoring System

         User-friendly intuitive Graphical User Interface utilising Windows based controls such as tree structure navigation.

         Data logging engine that records information from EnviroPoint wireless pods

         Range alarms for each sensor connected to the network

         Trend charts displayed real-time on a per sensor basis.

         Historical data viewer to allow viewing of all sensor data for requested time periods.

         Notification service.

         Web server to allow remote viewing of the Environmental Monitor panel

         User security logon feature for protecting system configuration

         Microsoft Windows XP, secure data storage using SQL database server and certified systems for ISO certification.

         Custom solutions and tailoring to your specific needs.



       NVSI EnviroPoint User Interface View by Location


NVSI EnviroPoint User Interface View Data Plot


             NVSI EnviroPoint User Interface Maps 


      NVSI EnviroPoint User Interface Active Alarms


Product Function Description

Note: each Node is a Pod or other Unit type such as a Web Cam.


EnviroPoint Function




EnviroPoint Server

Operating System


MS Server 2003

MS Server 2000

MS Server 2003


EnviroPoint Server


MS SQL Server 2005


Express SP1

(Max data


Express SP1 with

Advanced Services.

Standard Edition.

Enterprise Edition.

Enterprise Edition.

Run as a service

(PC not required to be logged in)


FDA 21 CFR part 11



Open System

Server License

Per computer

Per server

Per data centre


Server Installation requirements

Single installer

Requires SQL to be set up & Certificates

Requires SQL to be set up & Certificates

EnviroPoint Monitor

Operating System







Monitor Licenses

(Concurrent Users)


Unlimited Per


(limited by SQL user CALs)

Unlimited Per Organisation (limited by SQL user CALs)

Monitor Installation requirements

Single installer

Single installer

Single installer

Max Number of Nodes




Max Number of Gateways




Software plug-ins for other types of Sensor (i.e. Web Cam)


Web Cam


Node output control

(On Pod type A1-08 to A1-10)


Remote Nodes using

G3 Mobile connection


Network Security

SSL encryption data links


Encrypted Database Tables



Gateway Connection

Direct Stream

Direct Web

Direct Web

Gateway Configuration

Accsense Config Utility

Accsense Config Utility


Pod history data with a network outage


Limited by

Gateway memory


Limited by

Gateway memory


Multiple Systems monitored

(each system could be a different division of an organisations)


Location Name is master reference for data

(this enables pods to be exchanged for each location, i.e. during calibration)

Location of Sensor

Node enable/disable

Node channel selection

(Log only selected channel data rates to calibrated data tables)


Validation mode for sensors


Node Channel Calibration

External Sensor Calibration

(Calibration factors for both the Pod input plus the sensor)


Pod & Sensor Drift Correction


All raw data stored

All calibrated data stored

Selectable data sample rates per channel

Fast sample rate on alarm

Channel sample data can be started and stopped by time of day at different sample rates

EnviroPoint Monitor number of displays screens




User Logon Control

Digital Signatures



Remote System Configuration


Multi-lingual Support

Node data & info display

Number of nodes able to be displayed on the monitors at one time


160 (2x 80)

320 (4x 80)

Node set to a Group

Node Group data & info display

Node Chart Display

Chart Display Printing

Group Node Maps

Group Node Maps type

.jpg .bmp .png

.jpg .bmp .png

.jpg .bmp .png .dfx


Alarm Threshold Delay Time

Alarm Hysteresis

Different Alarm limits for selected times of the day

Multi Level Alarms


Group Node Maps Display Alarms

Node Timeout Alarm

Signal Strength Node Alarms

Supply Voltage Node Alarms

Mains Power Node Alarms

Email Alarm Notifications


SMS Alarm Notifications

Active Sensor Alarm Listing

Old Sensor Alarm Listing

Active Unit Alarm Listing

(Node functions)

Old Unit Alarm Listing

(Node functions)

Alarm Acknowledgement by Operator

System Logs

Audit Logs


SQL Triggers


Report Generation

Periodic Report Generation

Digital Signed Reports



Printer Selection

Only default



Server Web reporting using

Reporting Services


Database Data Tables Full Text Search capable


Online Help

Support Information


Limited by the SQL server system resources and system network.

* Not yet released