ETR Logger

The ETR EnviroPoint based vehicle telemetric systems offer a range of instruments for remote tracking, engine monitoring and instrumentation monitoring of private, industrial, fleet and trailer vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with a wireless unit which continuously monitors, logs and communicates the data to a remote server via GPRS.

EnviroPoint based interface enables the user to have total access to the activity of their vehicles 24/7. Reduce costs through increased efficiency in vehicle and driver supervision plus vehicle data analysis. Vehicle status, position and usage are instantly available via online maps.

Vehicle Monitoring features and benefits include:

* GPS for real-time vehicle position and tracking
* Prevent unauthorized vehicle usage with GeoFence reporting and alarms
* Reduce fuel costs by managing the amount of time a vehicle is idling
* Monitor the actual operating time of a vehicle
* Get an accurate picture of a vehicles condition
* Receive alarms on user defined sensor channels
* Verify drivers log book and driving patterns
* Prevent misuse of vehicles
* Track Stop & Start times
* Set alarm and event triggers to suit individual requirements

G5 Industrial data logger specifications

* Aluminum IP66 rugged case housing
* Small footprint housing - 168 x 93 x 24mm with stainless steel screws
* 512MB Micro SD card with 12 months storage @15 minutes logging intervals
* Data downloaded by wireless (GPRS), RS232 or card reader
* Internal high quality Siemens GPRS data modem
* Swiss quality supersense embedded GPS with a 4HZ acquisition rate for better accuracy, also featuring aerial detect for tamper or failure
* Supersense allows some indoor capability
* 10 - 30 volt DC input
* Conformal coated 4 layer PCB board (industrial reliability)
* Wide temperature range -20 to 80°C
* Tamper resistant
* 1/4 turn IP 67 plugs with gold coated pins and matching loom
* Real time clock (corrected from GPS atomic clock)
* Up to 5 I/O channels (configurable at order time) Analogue/Digital/Frequency
* User configurable settings include different log/transmit rates for run and stop modes
* Backup battery Li Ion Polymer 2A
* Solar cell battery backup
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