EnviroPoint's products have been specially designed for traceable measurement, extended flexibility and configurability.

Our years of experience developing systems that push current hardware performance to the limit means that you can save considerable time with your project by building your solution based on our proven software acrhitectures and add-on toolkits.

Finally, using our solutions you'll gain from the hours of in-system testing performed on our proprietary software libraries, algorithms, and modules.  

EnviroPoint Monitoring System

EnviroPoint is an environmental monitoring system that can collect, store and communicate sensor data using a secure wireless connection. The EnviroPoint can be installed in multiple locations with data centralisation via EnviroPoint monitoring software. Hosted on a Windows SQL Server, this handles tasks such as logging all sensor data, generating reports, graphing sensor data, and messaging in the event of an alarm condition.

Accsense Inc

Accsense is dedicated to providing simple and reliable solutions that streamline the medical temperature monitoring process. By leveraging the convenience offered by wireless and Internet technologies, Accsense Solutions are user-friendly and quick to deploy. Through the secure, hosted web-based software service, pharmacists, lab managers, nurses and medical staff can have ready online access to their data. Accsense is empowering the medical industry with the ability to collect data, monitor conditions and watch for equipment failure around the clock, and from anywhere in the world.

ETR Logger

The ETR EnviroPoint based vehicle telemetric systems offer a range of instruments for remote tracking, engine monitoring and instrumentation monitoring of private, industrial, fleet and trailer vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with a wireless unit which continuously monitors, logs and communicates the data to a remote server via GPRS.
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